iAM Series

iAM. intelligent Adaptable Monitoring.

Wohler Technologies has been in the business of in rack monitoring for over 25 years. In fact we invented it!
Now with the introduction of the iAM Series, Wohler has re-invented this critical piece of broadcast technology for the modern media enterprise.

iAM-MIX – With a straightforward control surface for muting and mixing a variety of audio sources, this is a simple yet fully-featured prehear panel for 8 or 16 channel monitoring.

  • Push to mute / unmute, turn to adjust volume. Its that simple!
  • Save space! Mix and monitor any combination of Analog, AES3, MADI, SDI, Dante or AES67 and more.
  • Direct integration with Evertz and Grass Valley routers for Channel Name synchronization.
  • Remote, browser-based, audio metering and remote control via API.
  • Option of 8 or 16 control buttons.

iAM-AUDIO – Introduces interactive touchscreen displays for intuitive control combined with Wohler’s famous sound quality and a host of new capabilities.

  • The broadest range of signals within a single box.
  • Monitor a mix of analog, digital and IP signals easily and transparently.
  • Integrate 3rd party control interfaces such as Lawo’s VSM, Axon’s Cerebrum, Evertz’s VUE or EVS’ S-CORE Master.
  • Remote, browser-based, audio metering and remote control via API.
  • Adds monitoring and measurement of Audio Loudness using ITU-R BS.1770 or EBU R128 standards.
  • Shallow depth with a choice of 1RU or 2RU units.

iAM-VIDEO – Adds video monitoring from either 3G-SDI and/or MPEG2/4 for a premier combined Audio, Video and Data monitoring solution.

  • Powerful options including MPEG2TS monitoring for ‘post-encoder’ assurance monitoring.
  • A expandable platform with a range of impressive features and capabilities.
  • Measure and monitor Audio Loudness using ITU-R BS.1770 or EBU R128 standards.

iAM-12G-SDI – Extends the iAM Series of products with a new multi-channel audio and 12G video monitor that accepts 2 x 12G-SDI signals over BNC.  Physical and touch screen front panel controls duplicate previous mature design philosophies.

  • 2 x 12G (4K) SDI inputs on BNC that also monitor 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals as well.
  • 8 Channels of AES 1 x HD-15 connector
  • 4 x SFP cages allowing a range of optional connectors, including 2110, 2022-6, as well as additional SDI inputs.
  • Optional Dolby® Atmos that also decodes Dolby D, D+ and E streams for playback, metering and metadata.