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Hot on the heels of the iVAM2-2, Wohler releases 1U iVAM1-3 with Output Routing Option

Wohler Technologies has added to their iVAM range with the release of the iVAM1-3 16 channel audio/video monitor, available for immediate shipment. This product offers a 1U alternative to the recently released iVAM2-2, announced just last month.

Wohler launches the iVAM2-2 video and audio monitor

Wohler Technologies has added to their successful iVAM range with the release of the 2u iVAM2-2, 16 channel audio/video monitor, available for immediate shipment.

Wohler releases Dolby Atmos 3D Room Visualizer for their iAM-12G-SDI

Wohler have released a free firmware upgrade for users of their flagship iAM-12G-SDI when purchased with their Dolby(R)Atmos option. Two new screens help the user visualize the location of each audio bed or dynamic channel for both actual and dynamic channels. The audio bed is the arrangement of speakers in the listening room; the sounds produced by the audio bed accurately simulate the locations of the dynamic objects, which are heard as sound sources from any location in the listening room.

Wohler releases AoIP & Analog options for their iVAM1-1

San Francisco, January 12, 2021 -Wohler introduces two new ‘plug-in’ option cards for their iVAM1-1, their budget priced 16 channel audio-video monitor. AoIP: When upgrading the iVAM1-1 to monitor Dante, Ravenna or 2110-30 signals, the AoIP card is included. Customers specify either Dante or Ravenna and both options are capable of monitoring 2110-30. The card […]

iAM-12G-SDI audio & video monitor with Dolby ATMOS Front Panel Atmos Rendering

Dolby Atmos Now Available for Wohler’s iAM-12G-SDI

SAN FRANCISCO — October 28, 2020 —Wohler is pleased to announce that Dolby Atmos is now available as part of its decoding and monitoring option for its flagship iAM-12G-SDI audio-video monitor. Wohler’s iAM-12G-SDI is the only in-rack monitoring and metering device to integrate the Dolby Audio Professional Decoder, which will enable customers the ability to […]

Canada’s CHEK TV upgrades with the new Wohler iVAM1-1

As CHEK TV’s Senior Engineering Technician Kory Andersen states, “The touch screen interface is very user friendly and allows us to quickly select 6 discrete channels to get a down-mix of our 5.1 audio. Coupled with the ability to switch between audio and video monitoring at the touch of a button and the option of adding additional I/O at a later date as needed, including IP signals, the iVAM1-1 delivers exactly what we needed at an extremely competitive price.”

iVAM1-1 budget friendly LCD monitor Isometric

Wohler launches iVAM1-1 budget-friendly 16 channel audio/video monitor

Competitively priced, the all new iVAM1-1 can monitor and meter up to 16 channels of 3G-SDI audio and video, plus 2 channels of analog audio in a compact 1u format. Utilizing a single 2.4” touch screen, operators may toggle between video, meters and menus. A HDMI output allows additional monitoring of the currently monitored video source, while analog XLR, headphone and selected 3G-SDI outputs are also included as standard. Upgrade options are available for those who want to add flexibility for monitoring AES3, MADI64 (incl a fiber option), SMPTE 2110 and 2022.

iAM-12G-SDI audio & video monitor with Dolby ATMOS Isometric

Wohler delivers industry-first multi-channel audio, 12G video monitor with Dolby Atmos processing

SAN FRANCISCO — September 13, 2019 — Wohler Technologies’ have announced their new iAM-Audio-12G-SDI with optional Dolby Atmos®, originally shown as a prototype at NAB, is now shipping.  The iAM-12-G-SDI benefits from dual input 12G-SDI over BNC, up to 8 channels of AES on HD-15, and 4 SFP cages, 2 of which may also be […]

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