Product Range

Wohler Technologies has long been trusted by the World’s best broadcasters, remote production facilities and studios to provide unique solutions of the highest quality – backed and supported by an experienced team and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The technology leading iSeries and more established AMP Series includes the best, most flexible and most trusted Audio-Video Monitors in the world.  All units are capable of monitoring both video and audio, have a wide range of signal inputs and provide incredible value in a rack-mounted form factor.

  • Video monitoring combined with highest quality audio reproduction
  • Accurate level metering, loudness measurement, custom mixed outputs
  • Complete range of I/O including 12G-SDI, ST-2110, ST-2022, MPEG, Dante, Ravenna, Dolby® D/DD+/E/Atmos

For those who want to focus just on just audio, Wohler’s iSeries and AMP Series products also provide a wide variety of audio-focuses choices in 1U and 2U form factors that won’t break the bank, but also run the gamut from 2 channel to 16 channel monitoring and cover signals from Analog to Audio over IP, as well as the audio essences of ST-2110 and ST-2022.

  • Audio Monitoring, Metering, Loudness, custom mix outputs, and much more
  • Support for a wide variety of I/O including 3G-SDI, MADI, Audio over IP and Audio essence of 2110/2022
  • Remote Metering features and remote control via API

RM Series Video Monitoring solutions allow you to monitor video in either a rack mounted or table top form factor. Using high quality image processing technology these products give customers an excellent value for money option for monitoring 3G-SDI, quad-input 4K, HDMI and CVBS.

  • Range of form factors for almost every application
  • High quality image processing
  • Video measurement tools, speakers, headphones, and audio metering