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Order Number 829172

Enable monitoring from up to a 64ch Ravenna / AES67 Input.  Hardware card with activation key.

Audio Monitor Ravenna (option)

This optional hardware card card enables monitoring from a 64 channel Ravenna / AES67 Input.  Includes NMOS support.  It ships with an activation key and is plug and play.   It Includes an AoIP card enabling primary and secondary RJ-45 for hitless/2022-7 support (for Dante, Ravenna and 2110-30 signals). Also included is an optical TOSLINK input and a Gigabit SFP cage allowing multi-mode and single mode network SFP’s for AoIP Signals.

The option card can be installed in the i-Series products listed below:

Dante InputEnables decoding and monitoring of Ravenna input streams.
Analog InputIncludes Optical TOSLINK Input
Shipping DimensionsN/A (LxWxH)

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Signal Input Includes Optical TOSLINK Input x Analog Input, Enables decoding and monitoring of Ravenna input streams. x Dante Input
Audio Specifications
Video Specifications
Shipping Weight 2.0 lbs (0.9 kg)

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